Optimize your Facebook ads effortlessly with automation

Boost ROAS and save up to 80% of your time with Facebook ad automation and optimization tool

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Optimize your Facebook ads
effortlessly with automation

Discover the benefits of effortless Facebook ad automation

Optimize your ad spend, simplify your campaigns, and transform your results with our cutting-edge solution

Keep your ads at the top of their performance

Take care of your ad performance results even if you are offline.

  • Track your campaign performance 24/7
  • Turn off ads draining your advertising budget
  • Scale up your best-performing ad campaigns

We use Automated Rules a lot to manage our clients’ advertising campaigns. Even if our workload increases to the maximum, we know that all required adjustments will be taken and we won’t miss anything important.

Paul Masenznik
Paul Masenznik Founder at Web Wise House

Reduce your workload and achieve results faster

Run professional advertising campaigns in just minutes per day with zero experience.

  • Automate your ad management routine
  • Stop checking on your ad campaigns all the time
  • Save time with pre-built automation strategies

Automated Rules allow us to spend more money on promoting our services instead of hiring another worker for keeping an eye on our ads. For now, we shifted nearly all management routine to the Automated Rules.

Levent Karahan
Levent Karahan Founder at EVEARA

Get started quickly with Automated Strategies

Strategies have been hand-picked by marketing experts as go-to rules for setting up and optimizing their campaigns.

  • Save even more time with templates
  • Implement new strategies faster
  • Level up the optimization of your ads

I have too many irons in the fire, including digital advertising. Automated Rules help me to concentrate on business-critical tasks by offering optimization strategies I can stick to.

Dima Chernobilsky
Dima Chernobilsky Co-Founder and CEO at Grow Director

Automated Rules VS native Facebook tool

Get even more control and flexibility with advanced automation tools

Nested Conditions

Nested Conditions

Set complex conditions connected with AND/OR logic for more precise management

Visual Builder

Visual Builder

Build automations as complex as you need in an intuitive graphical drag-and-drop interface

Advanced Actions

Advanced Actions

Choose from extended list of actions not available on Facebook. Set manual bid, delete, duplicate actions and more

Templated Strategies

Templated Strategies

Kick-start your ads optimization with marketing specialists’ experience packed in pre-built strategies

Advanced ad assets selection, custom metrics, conditions comparison, automation logs, external data import, timely notifications, and many more...


Drop the manual work and focus on what's really important

30-day free trial
No credit card required