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Say goodbye to manual
Linkedin ad optimization

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Best digital marketing practices and algorithms work together to scale your real-life success

Automated rules for multiple LinkedIn accounts

Set automated rules to handle the most complex optimization scenarios across multiple connected LinkedIn accounts.

  • Monitor ad campaign performance 24/7
  • Turn off ads draining your advertising budget
  • Scale up your best performing ad campaigns

Prebuilt optimization strategies for an instant start

Take advantage of ready-to-use optimization strategies to achieve consistency and balance in ad management decisions.

  • Scale and pause ads based on budget & performance
  • Optimize ads based on their performance ranking
  • Schedule ad set pause and restart based on set time

Timely notifications about changes to your email or Slack

Stay in the loop of all important cost and performance changes applied to connected ad accounts and their ad campaigns.

  • Get notified when your rules are applied
  • Share optimization updates to your team
  • Track automation events for all accounts

Manage LinkedIn ads like a Pro

Abram Dokidis Chief Marketing Officier

Go beyond native LinkedIn interface and use third-party automation tool to save your time and budget

Set complex conditions connected with AND/ OR logic to trigger more balanced decisions

Take advantage of the toolkit allowing to create custom metrics for triggering actions

Take valuable insights and make reasonable judgements from reading triggered rules log

Leverage the power of LinkedIn ads automation

Set your ad account on auto-pilot and don't miss out on any important ad performance changes 24/7

Focus on your professional growth

Delegate daunting and time-consuming monitoring and adjustment tasks to streamlined rule algorithms.

Eliminate human errors and increase efficiency

Monitor the way rules take set actions to your ad campaigns no matter what time or day of the week it is. Flawlessly.

Automate manual ad checks across multiple accounts

Define rules that will optimize your ads running on multiple LinkedIn ad accounts. Expand your advertising possibilities.

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30-day free trial
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